Sometimes kids find the hardest part of creating is knowing where to start, but we make it simple. My Art Box is delivered monthly to your door, filled with everything your child needs for a month of creativity.

Children's Art Box

Budding Picassos open their beautiful boxes to find quality curated supplies and a mini magazine filled with exciting art projects  & inspirations to keep their artistic juices flowing for a month. 

Each box is themed around a creative artist, theme or movement. We share the story of artists’ lives & works. Children enjoy learning about artists through the creative projects and activities in our mini magazine. 

Children can follow the simple instructions or use them as a prompt to explore their own creative ideas. The focus is always on the fun process of making and not the end product. Exploring Art has never been easier.

How It Works


Bring a regular experience of art into your children’s lives with a My Art Box subscription.

Sign up & select the length of your subscription

Delivered to Your Door

Kids love the novelty of getting their own post.

Boxes are shipped the first week of each month. When you first sign up your first box will be sent the following month. We will deliver directly to your door. 


Dive right in and make some art! 

Inside each box you will find fun art ideas, artist stories & all the supplies for kids to start creating straight away.

Share your little artists creations for everyone to enjoy. Tag @myartbox.ie
My Art Box Gift

What’s In A Box?

My Art Box is full of quality supplies and learning materials to discover art and complete projects each month.  Exploring art has never been easier. 

Each box contains a beautifully designed mini magazine packed with fun art inspired activities with easy to follow instructions for hands on creative play.

Every month your child will be introduced to new artists with fun educational stories of their lives and works  that will  prompt your child’s curiosity. Each month we will carefully curate a great range of  quality art materials. Supplies will vary every month so that your child can experiment and play with new and exciting art materials.. There are more than enough materials in each box to complete all the projects.

A box will include art & craft materials such as paints, pens, pastels, paint brush, pencils, PVA glue, paper, glitter, pipe cleaners, washi tape, and so much more.

Why Subscribe

My Art Box subscription offers you convenience.  Everything your child needs (supplies & instructions) is delivered to your door.   No need to waste time scouring the shops and planning activities. Saving you time & money.

My Art Box brings a regular experience of arts & crafts to your child and can be enjoyed anytime at their leisure. Enabling children to be independently creative at home. The perfect rainy day activity!

My Art Box activities will keep your child engaged for many hours. Allowing your child to be in the moment and relaxed. Great for navigating ‘No Screen’ days.

Children learn about art history and techniques through different artists and the different ways they work. The projects encourage children to experiment, explore and have fun through process art  to stimulate imagination

My Art Box makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. Treat someone to a subscription of unforgotten excitement, inspiration and discovery. When you give a gift of a subscription your thoughtfulness is expressed not just once but month after month